The Project

Our Mission

Bosco Incantato was created to accommodate and advise the families of young patients at Buzzi Hospital. The services on offer are presented to the families, helping them to identify those most appropriate to their needs.

With the help of a team of volunteers and a medical team, the Bosco Incantato is also able to take on the most educationally and psychologically vulnerable families.

The overarching aim of the Bosco Incantato project is to create a positive synergy between the hospital (departments and social services), the associations operating in the hospital and outside services offered in the region.


The Bosco Incantato Project primarily targets the parents of children with chronic and disabling diseases, but also the families of young patients hospitalised for less serious conditions, passing through Accident and Emergency or for those who use the hospital’s outpatient services.


  • Creation of a reception area and information point for families inside the Guaita Pavilion and the main lobby
  • Introduction of volunteers to the department
  • Creation of an internal network of services for patients and families
  • Creation of a Mums’ Space used during breaks, lunches or more structured group activities
  • Connection with the local area through creation of structured support for families who need additional support